crazy small world / great big god

We have all had those “small world” encounters which simply fascinate us — whether running into someone you know many miles from home, discovering that a friend of a friend grew up in a neighboring community, or watching the providential timeline of events in your life intersecting the lives of others! We truly live in a crazy small world, but we serve a GREAT BIG GOD! Over the summer we are exploring how God works in the lives of his people using several notorious OT men as prime examples:

Tools for the Trade

We need fathers who are fully present and celebrate children as a gift from God.  We also need dads who will correct children in love.  When we look to the Word of God to see what it takes, we discover that God has given fathers the Tools for the Trade.

RUN.   Find Your Stride

Most of us at one time or another have been involved in a race. Even if you’ve never been on a track team or cross country crew, you can remember lining up to run a race against your friends.  Each one who is following Jesus is in this Christian race, so you must Find Your Stride / RUN.

GROW ConversationS

For new and growing Christians, this biblical message series takes truths from parables and teachings about plant life and applies them to our spiritual lives.  These Seven Steps to Spiritual Stability will transform your life!