Mission & Outreach

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

active missionaries we support

Peter & Kate Walugembe - Northern Lights Ministries
Mark & Rebecca Smallwood - Red Bird Mission
Shelly Treadway - The Mission Society

northern light ministries

Peter and Kate Walugembe founded Northern Lights Ministries in 2003. They serve God under the vision he planted in their hearts to reach out to the neediest of the needy in rural Uganda. They have done this through income generating projects (crafts,skills training, and animal rearing), counseling, and education.

red bird missions

Red Bird Mission has been providing ministries in the region of the  Appalachian Mountains since 1921. They strive to meet the needs of the residents in 5 areas :  Education, Health and Wellness, Community Outreach, Economic Opportunity, and Community Housing Improvement.  Mark & Rebecca Smallwood are a family employed by Red Bird Mission, that are missionaries in education and music.

the mission society

We support Missionary Shelly Treadway  who is in Jordan through The Mission Society.  She works with  the preschools in a  Palestinian refugee camp, coaches those who are teaching Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan, and with a Christian school that serves the children of workers in the region.  She passionately shares the gospel within Muslim communities.

Encourage our active missionaries

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Global projects we support

Jacob Atem, co-founder

THEIR MISSION: We exist to improve the health and well-being of South Sudanese people so that they may have hope and prosperity.
THEIR VISION: To make the village of Maar the shining example of sustainable development in South Sudan.

Ken and Shelly Watkins

Genesis Waters exists to provide water and the amazing message of Jesus Christ to areas of the world where few are willing to go.  Once people are no longer physically thirsty, they are much more open to hearing about the living water of Jesus Christ!

Women at risk, international

THEIR MISSION:  Women At Risk, International unites and educates to create circles of protection around those at risk through culturally sensitive, value-added intervention projects.